What’s the little voice saying in your head or your heart? Maybe...

“Let’s change for real this time?" or “What are you waiting for?” or “This can’t be it.”

You are not alone. You’ve already made change once or twice (or heck maybe more). Over time the same pattern pops back up.

No judgement. Most people look to change external factors — location, company, environment, to name a few.

We’re conditioned or guilted to think we are supposed to do things as society or family or friends or colleagues tell us. Following that path ends up feeling inauthentic, icky, and even creates a sense that we’re living someone else’s life and fighting for someone else’s agenda.

Truly, we are all on our own path and the creators of our own lives — we have full control over our own choices, beliefs, emotions and actions. Think about it for a moment. What do you actually control?

Listen to that little voice inside. What you want matters. Take the first solid step.  I've got you.